Hello Norway 🇳🇴❤️


Just wow. 

So let me start with the travel diaries and tell you about my flights and the journey. Then I’ll get to the pictures and beauty that is Norway. 

I left Johannesburg at 7pm on the 18th January. Had the longest flight to Dubai, reaching there at 6am on the 19th January. I didn’t sleep at all on the plane. There were crying babies and people coughing so bad (I felt like Kate Winslet in the movie Contagion 😷). It was bad. 

So, I bumped up the volume on my earphones and listened to Eminem all night. 

 I then boarded a flight from Dubai to Oslo. This was at 8am on the 19th January. 

I reached Oslo at 12pm on the 19th January. But we had been traveling for 7 hours and a bit. 

Hahahaha! That time warp struggle was so real. My body just went into this crazy shock because I hadn’t slept or eaten properly in forever and the blood circulation to my legs was like non-existent due to the fact that I was sitting all the time! Ergh. What a mission. 

My best friend told me that the worst part about traveling, is the traveling. Crying babies, coughing & sneezing sick people and some really rude air hostesses. I just prayed to God that I didn’t have to sit next to anyone creepy.  

We prayed so hard and thankfully, God answered our prayers. We ended up sitting next to each other (My travel buddy and one of my best friends:- Melody Luthuli) and always had a space in between us. Yay for the small pleasures in life. 

So anyway, somewhere over Moscow, the temperature outside the plane was -55 degrees!!!! I kid you not!  Look! 

Icy! Cold! Snowy! Pictures of the view from the plane do absolutely no justice to the actual beauty of seeing it with your own eyes! Anyway, I’m trying to create a visual for you, but even words fail me at this point. Have a look at the pictures I captured from the flight. 

How incredibly beautiful?!?

Back to my story…

Got to Oslo at 12pm and waited til 4:20pm to board the flight to Trondheim. At this point I was just plain down tired. 

We were greeted at the airport by our international coordinator and she was all smiles. 

We then drove for about 30minutes to our apartments in Moholt Alle. It’s the student village here in Trondheim. Well there’s lots of student villages, but ours is Moholt. 

We got a sneak peak of the stunning Queen Maud University! Oh my, what a sight to behold. The building looks like a castle. I will put up pictures when I go there during the day and can actually get a good picture for you guys. 

My apartment block is right next to a convenience store. I share my flat with 3 other exchange students. We share a communal kitchen and bathroom and we each have our own rooms. The rooms are pretty spacious and I have a single bed, desk and chair, huge window and wardrobe. I love my window because it’s beautiful to just sit and watch the goings on outside. Students walking up and down. The hustle and bustle of it all. I woke up on my first morning here to find it had been snowing that night. 
Day 1

Look at my excited face! Look how happy/sleepy/excited I am to see the snow! 

Now, I’m usually the person whose wearing a jersey in Durbans heat. But something clicked within. And I knew I was not gonna be set back by the cold. This experience is far too amazing to be wasted because it’s “too cold” to go out. 

So Melody and I decided to go in to town to get some Norwegian SIM cards and data bundles etc. We walked to the bus stop, hopped on and rode into town. The bus system is so organized and simple here. Once you get used to it, you realize just how easy it is and driving then seems unnecessary. Like, why emit all those carbon fumes in your own cars when you can just get on a clean bus and reduce the bad impact on the earth! Smart and practical. I like it a lot! 

I was really impressed with the busses. Can you tell? Hahaha. 

We got to Trondheim Torg – the biggest mall in Trondheim and wow wow wow. I wanted to buy everything. The stores had such beautiful winter clothes and I was just enamored by the beauty and splendor of it all. The people are really nice and if you’re new to the place and you need to ask questions, they are ever eager to help you out. Really sweet. 

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you about my room mates! 

  • A girl from Italy doing her masters in Civil Engineering 
  • A girl from Germany studying here (not sure of what she is studying yet, because she went on holiday and we didn’t get to talk much)
  • A girl from Holland studying Chemistry.

Women are taking over the world! I love being around strong and powerful people. They raise your frequency and vibration and almost always inspire you. Living life being inspired daily is a beautiful thing indeed!

On that first night, my Norwegian friends Ingrid and Isabel came over and cooked dinner for Melody and I. They made tacos and it was delicious. They also brought us a whole lot of warm winter stuff for when the weather really dips (like -20 degrees).

Day 2

Melody and I needed groceries. So we decided to go to Rema 1000. It’s a grocery store kinda like checkers. There’s also Bunnpriss and kiwi. Like pick n pay and spar.

So we start our trek and Mel says we should turn right. I said no it’s left and then right at the traffic light. 

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I need to stop being a know-it-all because I actually don’t know it all. I forced my poor friend down the wrong road for about 3 hours. We just kept walking and walking until we were so lost we needed to use GPS to navigate our way back. We got some cool pics of the day though.  

Here they are: 





Finally, SUCCESS! We found Rema 1000. And guess what? We walked out and realized we were on the same street as our apartments. If I had only listened to Melody, we would not have gotten so lost and wet from the drizzle!
All in all, a great first two days and fun too! Loving this place, it’s people and the general vibe here. 

I feel safe, mentally prepared for the next three months and amped to have so much support and love from all of you who read this blog. Thank you all and much love and light to you. 
Bye for now! 



24 thoughts on “Hello Norway 🇳🇴❤️

  1. Wow Sona its beautiful enjoy….miss you much.

    I’m glad you already found friends but not surprised.

    Stay safe and remember we all love you.
    Take care and enjoy

    Pass my love and best wishes to Melody

    Love. You always and forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely eventful guys😊😁😂..thank you for sharing your story with us soni…pleased to know you guys are safe and having fun…
    Ps… could you kindly jump on melody and tel her I miss her

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How awesome ..Great idea to keep a blog feels like we getting the Norwegian experience too. I look forward to more lively sonastories!

    Keep warm you two.

    Lotsa Love 🌼

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my word … and yes it is just literally across the road from where you are. However the exploring must have been great. Now you can see why I said I walked about 12km’s a day. Thank you for sharing – it is bringing back such awesome memories. Loving sharing it through your eyes. Think of you both all the time. Love you guys xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I remember you telling me about the walking 🚶 and I loved it! The air was fresh and crisp. Oh what a time we had!
      Love you so much my Shaza ❤️❤️❤️


  5. I love the pictures!! I’m so happy that you have this blog so I can follow your journey❤❤ I’m so happy you guys got to see Ingrid and Isabel!😁 love you both! Enjoy! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey Soni and Mel – great to hear from you! Glad to hear that you made it through the first two days of coldness!!!! Brrrr! The thought of -20! Have fun and enjoy every single minute as it truly is a life experience! Love and remember, I am always here for you guys! VW

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Amazing such fulfillment from a beautiful journey, may this journey enlighten your soul, bring you peace and let you embrace every beautiful facet of this nature and the reason for you being in Norway, enjoy and bring home some of this amazing experiences to teach to you students and empower them to become strong independent individuals…
    Stay strong and much love, TC …xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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