Welcome to Kruger National Park

So, during the December festive season, my family and I decided to do a road trip.

We traveled with close family friends who very soon became family ❤️. One of which planned the entire thing and he was so meticulous in his planning! You should have seen our itinerary. It was  OCD heaven!

Our trip spanned over quite a few provinces and we traveled in a 3 car convoy.

We checked in at Daans Place in Mpumalanga for the first three days where we went trekking to find the awesome panoramic view and the breathtaking, serene waterfalls. Bourkes Luck Potholes were my favorite, though…

I’ll add all the pictures below 😉

We then stayed at Hlumu Lodge in Badplas which is a rehabilitation shelter for animals that have been abandoned by their families because they were too weak or maybe not the same as the rest of the pack. We met a well domesticated Nyala whose name is Dexter and he has one horn. He was such a delight. The cabins had a beautiful rustic feel to them and the large, open space of land made me want to migrate to a place more in tune with nature.

We then drove to Rustenburg to complete the last leg of our journey. We enjoyed New Year’s Eve at Sun City before heading back to have a family braai. After all, family is everything!

After two nights in Rustenburg, we made our trek back to Johannesburg, not before stopping at Hartebeestport dam to take pictures with the miniature version of the Eiffel Tower and the Love Lock bridge.

We drove in the sunshine and in rain. We drove around mountains and in the middle of the animals playground at Kruger. We experienced it all.
To top it all off.


  • Saw 2 leopards up in the trees
  • An adolescent lion chilling alone under a tree
  • A pride of lionesses after killing a hippopotamus (four to six lionesses)
  • Four Rhinoceros (the black and white)
  • Plenty buffalo
  • Elephants for dayyyyyyssss!!!

Elephant skeleton 
Also spotted:

  • Hyenas
  • Porcupines
  • Hare
  • Impalas
  • Blue Wildebeests
  • Warthogs
  • Zebras
  • Giraffes
  • Wild dogs
  • Steenbok
  • Literally all types of Bok
  • Hippopotamus
  • Baobab Tree
  • All types of cool AF birds

Also!!!!! The Ellie’s really stole the show. What personalities on those beauts. Gods creation really is wonderful.

We so happened upon a herd of Ellie’s having a midday splash in a nearby watering hole while we were eating lunch.

It was spiritually uplifting to reconnect with nature like that.

The waterfalls, the views, the clean air, the animals. My word. I was in total awe of it all. What a breathtaking experience.
More pics: Teaching mom to pout and some other randoms from the eventful and spiritually uplifting journey.


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